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On behalf of McGonigal’s Pub and the wonderful Village of Barrington we’d like to thank all our patrons for many fantastic years celebrating the Barrington Celtic Fest with us.  It has been a true pleasure hosting this event that’s not only tremendously fun but benefits all merchants by bringing many more people into our village.  As any true Irish Pub we always plan for a festive occasion in mid-March, however the continuing reality of the current virus situation greatly limits the ability to “go big” with a huge party. Unfortunately our annual Barrington Celtic Fest that was shut down last year also won’t be happening in 2021.  Though this is truly unfortunate it’s also necessary at this time.  We will continue to monitor the changing conditions over the next few weeks and adjust accordingly, so please check back for updates on our schedules and protocols (both here and on our Facebook page).  Hopefully as the world starts returning to a safe normal we’ll have plenty of reasons to celebrate!

February 25, 2021 UPDATE

We're slightly less than three weeks away from St. Patrick's Day, and though current plans have not changed since our update from a week ago we'll post more new info as it becomes available.  For now, we are pleased to announce that two of our long-time (as in since we opened) Irish musicians will be playing at the Pub on Saturday March 13th.  Morgan Fingleton will on our main level stage early through mid-afternoon, then Gareth Woods takes over at 8 PM.  Welcome back! 

March 3, 2021 UPDATE

Two weeks away from St. Patrick's Day!  Not much new to report since our last update, but we are still attempting to finalize bookings with a couple bands for the day and wanted to remind everyone that BOTH levels of the Pub will be open on March 13th and March 17th.

March 10, 2021 UPDATE

We're a week away from the "Big Day", and though the usual Irish celebration will be much different from past years it will still be festive and a significant upgrade over 2020! Full updates are now posted on our new "St. Patrick's Day" page (which in 2021 is replacing this page).  Check it out so you know what to expect on March 13th and March 17th.

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