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SO... this side is no longer open for regular business?  What happened?

Effective February 1, 2023 we have shut down daily operations at our Fork & Cork expansion side.  There are several mitigating factors, but the primary and unfortunate reason is due to lack of regular business. Moving forward we will be renting out this side for banquets, parties and all other types of private events.  It’s a truly beautiful space with main level visibility and amenities; a complement to The Loft, which is the second level above the Pub that’s been consistently used for private events over the years.

A bit of history about "the other side"

Back in the summer of 2009 the McGonigal family purchased two adjoining buildings in downtown Barrington 105 S. Cook Street, which became McGonigal’s Pub, and 205 Park Avenue developed into Park Avenue Wine Bar & Merchant.   Both establishments opened March 9, 2010.  Since that time the Pub itself hasn’t changed, but our next door building for various reasons - has went through several changes of ownership & venues:

2010 2012:  Park Avenue Wine Bar

2012 2016:  The Annex (Pub owned)

2017 2018:  Remember Charlotte’s

2019 2021:  Big Iron Horse Barbecue

In late 2021 our friend who owned Big Iron Horse BBQ retired from the business and McGonigal’s Pub inherited the 205 Park Avenue space once again.

2022:  Fork & Cork (Pub owned)

We tried several different concepts, menus, specials and hours of operation at Fork & Cork, but if the owners of the Pub have learned anything over the years is that there's only so much consistent & regular business in our region for our type of establishment, and simply not enough to sustain daily operations on this particular side.

2023:  Fork & Cork Banquet Facility (Pub)

**Visit our Banquets Page for menu offerings and other details**

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